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Enhance profitability of your business, using our finest grade Scraps of several Metals and Alloys in making your items.. 

What Are Scraps?

Scraps are basically the recyclable material that are left after consumption or production of many items such as building material, metal or alloy items, plasticware, building supplies, etc. These are not considered as waste due to having good monetary value and ability to well serve the purpose by being fit to use in various application requirements. Origin of scraps lies in the residential as well as business environments. Further, its use helps in contributing for the benefits of ecology as these are more efficient and less energy intensive than extracting & refining the raw material through the mines.

Who We Are?

We, D'noir International Pte. Ltd., are a proud part of the scraps industry, dealing with the recycled versions of several metals & alloys. Our ISO 9001 & IS 14001 certified export focused unit has made its strong reputation in the market as a manufacturer and exporter of quality Copper Millberry Scrap, Copper Metal Scrap, Aluminum Extrusion Scrap and Stainless Steel Scrap. After sourcing the left overs or used metals/ alloys, a planned recycling process takes place in our premise for getting the finest reusable scrap. Our company also holds expertise in providing several Ferrous Material and Aluminum Alloy Ingots. In our premise, sharp minded and experienced personnel handle all the works. They ensure that recycling, sorting and all the processing works of the offered scraps are done in a systematic way so that we serve the best to the customers. Further, we keep the prices of the products reasonable so as to promote use of scraps among masses, instead of utilizing the fresh metals & alloys that are costly to produce & needs to be sustain for next generations.

Quality Control At Our Premise

Our company deals with varieties of scraps that are absolutely perfect to use in many applications due to being pure and having all the properties that fresh metals/ alloys posses. To retain our earned this reputation in the market, we are following a planned quality control policy which helps in serving the best to the customers. All the tasks of sorting, refining, recycling and processing the scraps take place as per the guidance of appointed quality inspectors. Further, the batch that are ready to dispatch are strictly examined by the personnel to ensure their apt usage and properties of metals/ alloys. Some of the basic qualities that are ensured in our scrap varieties are:
  • Purity
  • Ductility
  • Tensile Strength
  • Finishing
  • Resistance to Corrosion